About Luka Fonda

Born in 1977 in a small town in Slovenia, I have always been in strong contact with sports, such as paragliding, caving, scuba diving, but most of all rock climbing. I have been passionate about photography since 1995 and always tried to achieve a good balance between the camera and the sports I love.

In the last 15 years I've been expanding my knowledge and views by travelling all over the world, shooting in stunning, yet extreme conditions, all of which gave me the opportunity to grow. My travels were mainly focused on action sports that I practiced at that time and so was my photography. Some of the places that influenced me most (and therefore also my photography) are Australia, USA, Kenya, Malaysia and Mexico. Those were awesome travels which gave me a lot of amazing experiences.

I have been working with some of the greatest athletes of the outdoor sports and had the pleasure to shoot at world cup events. I've always experienced great energy from shooting in the outdoors and will continue to seek knowledge and experience in this field.

In last 15 years I had a pleasure to shoot for:

Adidas, Red Bull, Edelrid, Petzl, CAMP, Sarpa, La sportiva, Lapis, Morpho…

Alpinist, Climbing Magazine, Climb, Climax, National Geographic, Grimper, Klettern…



Luka Fonda